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Early Years

Rafael Quimpo Rosell IV was born in Stavanger, Norway on November 10, 1982. He was born and raised in Norway to Filipino parents, his dad being a geologist from Cebu and his mom, a nurse from Bicol. The eldest in a brood of three, Rafael is living alone in the Philippines. He took acting workshops with ABS-CBN in 2002 before he did VTRs for prospective commercials until his Close-Up endorsement came along. But it wasn’t until the year 2000 he realized this was his calling.

At the age of 8, Rafael always had the urge to be a superhero and do impossible things like flying, being invincible and shooting fire from his eyes like his favorite superhero Superman. "I was 8, when my mom told me that TV and Movies are the only place for a person to imbibe such capabilities. So that's when my world turned around. I wanted to fly".

It wasn't until 2000 when a life changing vacation to the Philippines brought Rafael into the world of show business. Rafael's mom found auditions at ABS-CBN with the help of the Internet. "I was in search for answers at the time. I wanted to know my roots, and my family background. I wanted to know why we were raised the way we were, with Pinoy traditional values. The reason behind the "Po," and "Opo," Kuya, and ate, early curfew and strict upbringing with household chores and restricted allowance" Rafael recalls.

Rafael auditioned and got a TV Commercial job for Close Up Toothpaste and which later brought him to TV acting and movies as well. He joined Star Magic (formerly Talent Center) on 2000. He took the chance of learning his roots and background while working in the industry and making a name for himself and getting established as one of the most sought after actors in this world of the entertainment industry.

His Rise to Stardom

His star shone brighter each year, Rafael did everything to improve on his craft and gave his everything on each and every role he portrayed. To improve his language proficiency, he took up Filipino/Tagalog lesson and he used to read aloud Tagalog/Filpino material for at least an hour a day until he got very proficient in Tagalog. He became part of projects like “Marina”, “Rounin”, “Prinsesa Ng Banyera”, and “Maligno” working with some of the finest actors in the industry like Claudine Baretto, Kristine Hermosa, Angelika Dela Cruz, Diether Ocampo and more.

In 2007, he earned an URIAN Best Supporting Actor award for his portrayal in the indie film “Rome & Juliet”. Rafael says it was unexpected win, “Honestly, hindi ko po inexpect manalo. But in everything I do kasi, I always give my best. I didn't expect to win and during the awards night nga, I saw Jeffrey Quizon, Allan Paulle, and Ping Medina there—my co-nominees—kaya ninenerbiyos na ako. I'm really glad I was there to personally accept my first acting award. It's so overwhelming. That night was one of the most memorable in my entire life”.

His face and body is seen on BENCH billboards nationwide. He is now part of the group "Coverboys" who are very in demand in the live concert scene in the Philippines and outside. The group is set to do a 2nd leg of the Uncovered US tour before the year ends.

At present, Rafael is working on a new soap opera with Judy Ann Santos and Derek Ramsay entitled “Humiling Ka Lang Sa Langit” set to air soon on ABS-CBN. He is also one of Rufa Mae Quinto’s leading men in the new movie “Civil Status: Single” under Viva Films.

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Written / Edited By: Lester Villarama
Last Updated: September 30, 2008